Thursday, 18 May 2017

Review: Implanon Contraceptive Implant

After being on the contraceptive pill (loestrin 30) for a while I decided to get the implant (implanon) - also known as "the rod" - inserted into my arm at the sexual health clinic - I wanted this for many reasons, such as; headaches, not having to remember to take the pill every day, amongst some other minor reasons.

I went to the clinic and the nurse explained all of the pros and cons, I then laid down on the table and she put anaesthetic in my arm, then proceeded to insert the implant into my left upper arm.  I was nervous when I laid down on the bed, however I actually felt nothing other than a slight nip when getting the anaesthetic jag.

The first 3 months I was pretty lucky, I didn't get the prolonged bleeding she said could happen, I didn't have any major hormonal mood changes etc, so far so good. Every month I would bleed around when my period would be due... sometimes that period would last one hour - yes an hour....sometimes one day... two or three at absolute most, so far this implant was a dream!

Month 4 I wasn't so lucky, I had a 9 day period which felt like a lifetime, but I accepted it as not being so bad considering some girls can bleed for months, however two weeks later I started bleeding again - this time for 16 days.

By this point we were into month 5, and again only two weeks later I started bleeding again.  I didn't realise how stressful prolonged bleeding can be, every time I was bleeding I also had full blown period symptoms, snappy, irritable, cramps, hormonal, emotional, break outs etc, so needless to say I was beyond miserable come month 6 and it started to really effect me badly.  

I decided to have my implant removed, so again I returned to the sexual health clinic by appointment and had it removed, the nurse was SO unsympathetic towards my reasons and she was extremely rude towards me, she snapped at me informing me how the side effects were explained to me before insertion of the Implanon implant, to which I replied "I understand this, however I never realised how much of a negative effect it could have on my mood and wellbeing".  She ignored this comment and asked what I plan to use as future contraception, I told her I would return to using the pill and she again snapped at how the pill is not as good a method as the implant and how it is not as successful in preventing pregnancy.  I was extremely angry come this point so I tried my best to ignore her snappy rude attitude and remarks, she even at one point told me my GP does not know what he is talking about as they are not clued up on contraception - again I said nothing, I just cut her off and told her I wanted it removed no matter what.  She told me to lie on the bed, and gave me an injection of anaesthetic, made a cut in my skin and pushed the implant out - it was over in less than 4 minutes which includes waiting on the anaesthetic setting in. Afterwords I stood up and she told me to see my GP for the pill and dismissed me instantly. I left feeling annoyed and I had no time to ask any questions.

The implant was not for me, it may work for many others but this is not for me in any way due to not being able to handle the excessive bleeding, if you don't think it's something you could handle steer clear.  I also felt I was constantly hungry whilst using the implanon implant.  I also believe this is the cause of the large 88m cyst which has developed on my ovary (it is listed in the side effects).  I regret ever having the implant and would never use it again, however due to recent news regarding my uterus I won't be using any method of contraception.

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