Thursday, 25 May 2017

My Buys #1

Hi everyone.

I thought I would do a slightly different post this time and show you guys the random junk I buy every now and again. No filter, I have included every item I've purchased last week (except food).

Below each picture I've explained what each item is, how much it cost, where I got it, and a brief review on each product. (Where possible)

You might even see something you like!

1. Cereal Dispenser

I actually loved the idea of this as soon as I saw it, I was originally looking to buy a bang average cereal tub - until I came across this fancy thing. 

Although it is fancy and cool looking, and I LOVED it at first, I don't think it's great for holding cereal. If the cereal is small (such as; coco pops) it works a treat, however when I put cheerio's and wheeto's in, the handle broke as they got stuck and couldn't come out properly.

Cost £14.99 - From Ebay.

2. 2 x White Lace Tealight Candle Holders 

I loved these when I saw them as they fit in with the shabby chic theme of our new house.

Cost £1.00 each - From Poundworld.

3. Grey Happiness Photo Frame

I was looking for a photo frame to put a picture of my partner and I in. I saw this and thought it was perfect. I actually bought two of them, one is proudly on our mantle piece displaying our picture and this one pictured above is patiently waiting on me getting the other picture printed off to be proudly displayed on the mantle piece alongside it's friend.

Cost £1.00 each - From Poundworld.

4. Home Ceramic Candle Holder

I bought this to display on my shelving unit in my living room. I had a shelf to fill and decided this would be perfect to display alongside all my other ornamental decorative items. I would show you however the tour of my house is for another post at a later date!

Cost £1.00 - From Poundworld.

5. White Shabby Chic Candle Holder

Yes it does say "Candle Holder" and yes I have got tea spoons inside.  Our cutlery is held in a hanging bucket on a rack on our kitchen wall, however we could never get the teaspoons as they would fall right inside, so I thought this little bucket candle holder would be perfect to sit on our work top and hold our tea spoons whilst matching in with our shabby chic theme.

Cost £1.00 each - From Poundworld.

6. Home Sweet Home Light Up Key Holder

As soon as I seen this I HAD to have it.  I forgot to take a picture of the inside, but it has 9 hooks for all your keys to hang. AND it lights up, I absolutely love it. The only down side is you can't hang a large bunch of keys or large key rings or anything otherwise the door won't close, so it isn't recommended if you like lots of keyrings or have all your keys bunched together.

Cost £8.00 - Wilko

6. 2 x Plant Pot Ash Trays

I will start by saying NO I DO NOT smoke, I HATE smoking, however unfortunately my partner has this disgusting habit/addiction. I HATE ash trays, and he is only allowed to smoke outside, so I thought these plant pot ash trays would be great as they are themed for the garden whilst hiding all the disgusting ash and cigarette ends inside the pot. Ideal.

Cost £1.00 each - From Poundworld.

I am aware most of my post was purchased from Poundworld, however Poundworld is the only place I've been so far, I've been super busy. We plan on going a big shopping trip when we get paid and hopefully I will have a lot more goodies to share with you then..

What have YOU bought this week?

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