Tuesday, 17 October 2017

I'm Pregnant

After trying to conceive for 4 and a half months, I was over the moon to discover I am pregnant, and so was my partner.

I took a test and an extremely faint line appeared, I started to think maybe I could be, however the line was SO faint I disregarded it.  The next morning I took another and the line was again - extremely faint, however it was darker than the day before, I literally started shaking a little, thinking to myself "omg, I actually might be pregnant".  I didn't want to get my hopes too high though.

I bought two more pregnancy tests and took them the next day, I took the test and my result came back "invalid" - I was super annoyed as I couldn't take the next one for over 30 minutes till the invalid sign cleared as it was a digital test and I was literally about to leave for work.  I couldn't wait till I was home to take the next test so I took it at work, and there it was, clear as day "PREGNANT".  I immediately sent the picture to my other half (and my friend), I couldn't believe it.  We were trying but we didn't expect it to happen so quickly as I had kind of gotten used to the negative result each month prior.

I called the early pregnancy unit the next day to book an early scan due to previous miscarriages and other complications (uterus problems), however the first scan she was able to give me was three weeks away.  I was extremely disappointed as I expected one pretty much straight away due to my history and my complications.

Of course I had to take more pregnancy tests later in the week, JUST to be sure!

After waiting a week I got very impatient and the worrying got too much, so I booked a private scan at a private clinic.  We arrived at the clinic, and waited for what felt like a lifetime, but it was actually only twenty minutes - I was bursting, I needed to pee so bad! We got into the room and I lay down on the bed and she began the ultrasound.  She showed  me the sac on the screen, but she couldn't see anything else, panic set in immediately.  I was asked to go and empty my bladder so I could have a transvaginal ultrasound.

I returned back to the ultrasound room and lay down, the tech seemed very happy as she was able to locate a good sized yolk sac, however could not yet see a fetal pole or heartbeat.  I thought I was seven weeks, however she put me back a week, however after a lot of research I really did expect to see more on a 6 week ultrasound.  My partner was overjoyed at the good news, the tech didn't seem too bothered and congratulated us.

I spent the full night googling stories of others in similar situations, reading if there could be a good outcome of not seeing a fetal pole or heartbeat at 6 weeks, there were a lot of positive stories, however there were a lot of negative ones also.  It was only 9 days till my scheduled ultrasound at EPAS (early pregnancy assessment suite), so I tried to remain calm, although it was very hard.

The next 9 days felt like eternity, however finally Friday 13th arrived and it was time for our scan.  13 has always been a lucky number for me so I tried not to concentrate too much on the fact Friday 13th is unlucky.  My name was called and we made our way to the ultrasound room, I lay down on the bed and really was hoping and praying at this point.  After a few seconds the tech was able to show me my baby on the screen, and also a good strong heartbeat.  I was so overjoyed I began to cry.  The only issue is she dated me at 6 weeks 6 days whereas based on date of conception I should of been 7 weeks 2 days, so I was put back again my 3 days - which is worrying me as I was already put back a week based on the date of my last period.

I am trying to remain positive as we did see a bub and a good heartbeat - Which is a huge progression from our previous ultrasound.

Needless to say - We are overjoyed, I just wish this axiety and worry would stop taking over.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Here's why I Quit my Job

As most of you will already know, I worked at Craig Tara Holiday Park since March this year, and I can honestly say it really is the worst place I've ever worked, for many reasons.

For the first couple of months I started off part time to fit around college, which is exactly what I applied for and needed, and all was fine.

When I first got the job I lived in Girvan with plans to move to Ayr and they were great with travel arrangements and letting me away at appropriate times for public transport etc.....for the first few weeks anyway. After 7 weeks they decided enough was enough and started putting me on the Rota for 1am finishes, even though I still lived in Girvan. I said nothing as they had been very lenient with me up until this point which I appreciated, and I figured I couldn't push it any more, luckily my partner came and picked me up every weekend, or I would of been screwed. I didn't once blame the company for this, as I knew what the hours were when I applied for the job - so all was still OK.

Eventually our house was ready to move into and me and my partner moved to Ayr and the hours were no longer an issue. All was fine again.

Peak season arrived and suddenly I was working 30/40/50/60 hours a week. I applied for a PART TIME job  (16 hour contract) however according to Craig Tara; working 6 days a week was NON NEGOTIABLE - Regardless of my 16 hour contract.

When I took the job I was informed working Saturday's are non negotiable however getting a Friday or Sunday off once every now and again would be no problem at all, however for the full 6 months I worked there I had to put in holidays and really fight to get two weekends off (Saturday and Sunday - I still worked the Friday's) the entire time I worked there.

I would work 12-14 hour shifts without legal breaks regularly during peak season, most of the time I'd been in at least 9 hours before getting as much as a pot noodle or a sandwich, making it at least 6 o'clock before getting my first bite to eat of the day, and for such a large company the place is seriously under staffed, all the management team care about is meeting their targets and getting their bonuses.They need better management and organisation. (probably one manager in the whole place who's just lovely and approachable).

A couple of months ago during a stalking case against me which happened to be a customer in the bar; when we discovered who it was messaging and stalking me (including sending me multiple death threats, finding out my mobile number, finding out my home address, messaging my partner trying to destroy my relationship, inappropriate sexual remarks, and much more) ALL OF CRAIG TARA MANAGEMENT TEAM REFUSED TO BAR THIS PERSON. Instead I was told if I felt uncomfortable I could "call security or move to another department", however if I continued working in my department and the person entered, if another staff member was on duty, they would have to serve them and allow them to be in the lounge. First of all, WHY should I of had to move to another department when I was the one receiving death threats from an obsessive person, with all the proof in the world and police involved she should of been barred without question, however this company only see pound signs, they do not care about the SAFETY of their staff. During this time security was hardly ever anywhere to be seen. For one week I was allowed to work only day shift, to avoid being on my own at night - that's the best they could do in this awful situation. Luckily the police charged this person and the police barred them from the full holiday park as part of their conditions, however
I still find it very appalling that the company did not take any action against this person and allowed this sort of behaviour against a member of their staff.

September weekend approached,  which brings me to my latest story; the reason I finally threw in the towel.

Friday night I was on a 5pm-1am shift. I arrived home at 1.30am, and was back in at 9.30am the next morning. I was on a 9.30am-close shift the next day, so they had me on a 16 hour shift (possibly more as it was September weekend, it pretty much means you get home when you have closed up and cleaned up, whenever that may be). I said I was happy to work the shift AS LONG I WAS NOT ON OPEN THE NEXT DAY, however surprise surprise, I was told I had to work at 9.30am the next day as my manager had to do stock check at night therefore she could not do the day shift (which is bullsh*t as she hadn't done stock check for the last 3 weeks - she just gets others to do it). I was beyond angry however decided not to cause a fuss since my manager had already bit the face off me a couple of days prior for making a funny remark about a shift; I tried to just let it go and deal with it, telling myself it wouldn't be long now till I didn't have to work there anymore.

During the day of my 16 hour shift 1pm approached and the bar manager told me I had to go and work in another department  (a HEAVING restaurant I had never worked in before, ever). I refused due to the fact I was already on a long enough shift, without being thrown in at the deep end in a place I'd never worked. He told me I WAS doing it, to which I responded "no I'm not....." I then continued to rant about my ILLEGAL shifts I was on. He cut me off and told me I was doing it, my shifts were nothing to do with him and I was to take it up with my manager who does the rota. I told him I wasn't working over there in a place I'd never worked on one of the busiest days of the year with no training, and the fact it would mean I get no break as I'd be there till it quietened down, then straight back to my own department when it gets busy.. He then proceeded to tell me I WAS doing it or I needed to look for a new job as it states in my contract we need to help other departments. At this point my blood was boiling, I snapped that he couldn't bring the contract in whenever he sees fit, my contract states 16 hours and definitely allows legal breaks and 12 hour rest breaks between shifts, however again, he was not interested in anything I had to say, he just kept his very shi**y attitude with me telling me I have no choice.  At this point I decided to leave, got my bag, my jacket, and walked out - I definitely have no regrets!

I will never again work for a company who do not respect the amount of work and hours you put in, I've done it before and I won't do it again.

You are just a number to them, they don't care about your welfare, safety, needs, or health. As I said before they just see pound signs, targets - all about the money!

They even take your break off your wages when you DON'T GET IT.

We will see if I get my holiday pay I am entitled to now.  If not I will take them every step of the way.

They may get away with messing around young girls and guys, treating them like shit whilst they do nothing about it,  but they picked the wrong person this time.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Barmaid Problems #2 - Bad Parenting

*Names have been changed to comply with the data protection act 1998

As most of you are aware from recent posts, I work in a bar in a holiday park, and as I have said in my previous post "Barmaid Problems #1 - Alcohol & Pregnancy",  I have seen it all - pretty much everything you can think of I've seen at one point or another, either in this bar or another one I have worked at in the past.

I also stated in the previous post linked above how over the past few weeks a lot of things have been bothering me about the things I see on a daily basis in the bar, especially the neglect parents show towards their children, well yet again I have another rant to get off my chest - and of course again it is about the neglect people show their children on a daily basis.

I am not a parent (unfortunately), but I do understand parenting can be tough, and I do not aim to judge people, and I understand for the most part a lot of people are doing the best they can to raise their kids, however in some of these cases they could do better, and should do better.

Take last night for example - I was standing at the bar serving a customer two pints of Coors Light lager, they'd been sitting in the bar drinking for at least 3 hours by this point, and as I was in the middle of pouring the first pint the man's daughter came running up beside him and asked her father "Daddy can I have a sandwich", to which he responded, "no *Molly you can't have a sandwich, do you think I'm made of money". Instantly I was enraged, this man has been in the bar drinking all day with his wife, they have spent at least forty pounds minimum on alcohol, however he can't spare his four year old daughter  two pounds for a sandwich! "This is ridiculous", I quietly thought to myself inside my head. It's times like this I really wish I could tell the customers how I actually feel inside, unfortunately I would lose my job if I were to do that, so again I keep my rage bottled up inside and continue to serve as normal, keeping my happy face on as always.

As I sat the second pint I'd poured down on the bar in front of the man, *Molly started shouting out rather loudly how hungry she was, she screamed "please daddy I'm so hungry my belly hurts" to which again he responded "you can wait till you get back to the caravan!" in an abrupt and slightly aggressive manner. I decided to politely say "come on, give the wain a sandwich", I made sure to make it come across in a slightly jokingly manner but secretly wanting to throw his pints he just asked for over the top of him and tell him to stop being a selfish pr**k - I did refrain though. He responded to me "she had crisps less than an hour ago, and had lunch a couple of hours before, she's at it". I said nothing, I could not even bring myself to think up any sort of reply, inside my head my thought process was screaming "WHAT!?!?!?" "It's 7PM! FEED YOUR CHILD YOU ABSOLUTE DISGRACE". I somehow though, managed to keep my cool and did not say a word.

The fella paid for the pints using his bank card, thanked me and walked away with his daughter who was now at this point crying with tears streaming down her face, they returned to their table where I overheard the child's mother tell her to "stop crying or she will be going home to her bed". I was honestly due to explode with anger, and expressed my concern to a colleague who didn't seem to see why I was so angry - she just nodded in agreement and told me to take a chill pill.

After a few minutes I was a little calmer, and decided to fetch a sandwich, pay for it myself and take it over to the table and give it to the little girl - maybe I was in the wrong for undermining her fathers decision and maybe I shouldn't of done it, but I really couldn't help myself. I told her and her family the sandwich was on the house, they thanked me and then proceeded to say "you shouldn't have bothered, she was just being a brat!". *Molly stopped crying and said "YAY" extremely loud, and shouted "thanks Kelly you're my favourite girl". I returned to the bar and she sat happily and quietly eating her sandwich. After she'd finished she went back round to the soft play area and started running around with friends she'd met in there earlier.

I still can't believe they wouldn't pay two pounds for a sandwich but can sit in the bar drinking for hours on end every single day.

The family are caravan owners, I work in the owners lounge in the holiday park, so they are a family we see in the bar regularly - most of the customers I serve are regulars who come up and down to their caravans to stay every now and then.

Some people's priorities are all wrong - if you can afford to pay three pounds and twenty three pence per pint of Coors Light then you can afford two pounds to feed your child, I don't care if she has had a packet of crisps, or a big lunch, If you've been in the bar for three hours and lunch was five hours ago, no wonder your child is hungry.

As a barmaid I see it so regularly, more than what you would think - people happily paying over the odds for their round of drinks but refusing to buy their kid a fruit shoot or a packet of crisps, or anything really, claiming it's "too expensive" - never complaining once though about the price of drinks they're paying for, as long as they can sit there and get pissed they're not bothered.

That isn't the only parenting problems I am faced with on a daily basis, every weekend people have their kids in the bar until closing time, which for us in the owners lounge is 12.30am, the kids are wandering around absolutely shattered wanting their bed, or falling asleep on the chairs and the parents or "responsible adults" continue to drink instead of taking their kids home to bed where they belong at that time of night. Some of them, instead of heading home at closing time a lot of the time they make their way to another bar.

That leads us to the next issue - Kids in bars, yes it's a holiday park and yes the rules are different, but parents come in and get so smashed they don't even remember what happened when it comes to the next day - how can these people be responsible for looking after multiple children when they can't even look after themselves in some of the states they leave in? As a barmaid all I can do is stop serving when I feel they have had too much and could potentially cause problems, but that's all I can do. I can't stop them getting drunk when they are looking after kids as it's their decision.

Photo Credit: https://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com

Most of the time the kids are running around the bar unsupervised, which as a barmaid is very frustrating having to constantly tell kids to stop doing things, or having to remove them from the over 18's area, or having to intervene when they start fighting with other kids, or taking glasses out of their hands when they pick up someone alcoholic drink which has been left lying unsupervised - believe me this list could go on forever. If you have a child then you are responsible for that child, yes everyone deserves a break but if you don't have a babysitter then  you have to take care of the child no matter what, that is what you sign up for when having children. It is not my job to look after other people's kids, especially when I am working in a busy environment serving customers, collecting glasses, ensuring the venue stays clean and tidy, cleaning up spillages, I don't physically have the time to add babysitting to the list, but yet I find myself doing it anyway because I am genuinely worried about the welfare of the children, I am worried in case they come to any harm.

The soft play area is through a set of double doors and round a corner, yet adults let their kids run riot unsupervised, and they can in no way even slightly see their children from the bar seats or tables.

There are so many times I have to ask adults to supervise the children.

I should not have to ask people to look after their own kids.


Review: Hello Fresh

A friend of mine uses Hello Fresh UK, and as a loyal customer she received an opportunity to give someone a free box, I was the chosen friend to receive the box, so I decided to use the opportunity to review the company and products on my blog.

I went onto the website and I had to choose from a three choices; Classic box, Family box, or Veggie box. As it is just my partner and I in the household, I chose the classic box, which does 2-4 adults (you specify on another page).

When choosing the classic box you have to decide how many people you are ordering for, you can choose from two people, three people, or four people, and you must also decide how many meals you would like to receive per week, again you must choose from three meals, four meals or five meals - As pictured below.

How many people are you ordering for?
How many meals would you like to receive per week?

I chose to receive three meals for two people. This would normally cost £34.99, however as mentioned before I received the box for free due to my friend having a voucher.

When ordering the classic box you get to select meal choices, you must select three of the five available options, however when ordering the family or veggie box you cannot make any meal choices, you will automatically receive a set menu which you are unable to alter. I made my choices on the Hello Fresh website and then entered my payment information (the box was free, but I had to sign up to the subscription service to receive it). 

I received my box the next day, so delivery was very quick - I was impressed. I excitedly took the box into my living area and opened it up to reveal my products, it was exciting. As I unwrapped the box I was met with three recipes, and ingredients to the three different dishes.

I received ingredients to make the following dishes:

Cajun pork with Bulgar wheat and garlicky spring greens.

Pan fried chicken with new potatoes and Tarragon sauce.

Hearty Toulouse sausage Cassoulet.

One thing I did notice when I opened the box was, you get the exact amount of ingredients you need, so you really do save a lot of time when cooking as you do not need to measure out the ingredients, however one down side is you cannot make any mistakes as there is none going spare.

After making these dishes I can say they do use high quality meats and the food is tasty, however the portions are small. My partner and I don't scrimp on our portions, but we felt like we could of eaten another meal a few hours later which is never normally the case after eating a meal. My friend's opinion was the same on the family box, she got the two adults and two kids box and didn't feel it was enough to feed her family of four. In my own opinion I just can't say it's really worth it. £34.99 for one box, when you can buy much more for the money in a supermarket and download recipes online.


Would I use Hello Fresh again? Probably not, as I can make more of a variety of meals at home using ingredients bought from ASDA, and save myself a lot more money. Yes it is handy having it delivered to your door, but you can have groceries delivered to your door from other supermarkets, and if I get my meat from the three for £10.00 section from ASDA I can save myself much more than I could using this company - and I could get a much more filling meal. I feel for the quantity of ingredients the price is overcharged - and these boxes are definitely overrated. I am slightly disappointed as I was so excited to try this and thought the idea was really great, not having to choose out meals and measure out ingredients. 

I still think it's a good idea, and this may well work for some of you guys, but it just isn't for me.

If you would like to try any of these boxes, Hello Fresh UK are offering 50% off your first box. Just visit www.hellofresh.co.uk for more information - just don't forget to CANCEL very quickly if you do not want to continue receiving boxes, as when you get your first box you automatically subscribe to continue receiving boxes and the money will come out of your account direct debit.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave your very own opinion in the comment box below.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Voucher Codes

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Barmaid Problems #1 - Alcohol & Pregnancy

I work in a bar at a holiday park, so believe me when I say I have seen it all - pretty much everything you can think of.

The past few weeks a lot of things have been bothering me about the things I see on a daily basis in the bar, especially the neglect parents show towards their children, however nothing has enraged me more than the recent situation I found myself faced with last week at work.

I will cut straight to the chase; A very heavily pregnant lady came into the bar with her husband and three children, the lady and her husband came to the bar and ordered a round of drinks for herself and her partner, she ordered a large 250ml glass of wine (which is already over the recommended alcohol limit when pregnant alone) and a double peach schnapps and lemonade for herself, and her husband ordered a pint of Guinness. I was enraged at the fact she was drinking when so heavily pregnant, so I left the till point and let my colleague serve her, I just couldn't bring myself to do it as I don't condone it in any way, I could feel the anger building inside me, I knew I had to remove myself from the situation.

At that point, as I walked away, I began to question whether or not I can legally as a barmaid refuse to serve a heavily pregnant lady on those grounds, so I picked up my mobile phone and I opened up Google, hoping to find my answers as I normally do on Google's search bar, unfortunately all I found was a bunch of threads containing people debating the topic, and wether or not there are any rules or laws surrounding the subject. It seemed to be a grey area no one really had a definite answer to.

Since I didn't get the answers I was hoping for on Google, I made my way to the office inside the venue I work in and dialled the duty manager's office extension number. I didn't manage to get my manager I was looking for, however I did manage to get the manager of the bar/restaurant in another department on the holiday park I work on. I explained my situation to him and he completely understood and agreed with my concerns, also explaining he would not want to serve the woman either, however again he did not really know where we stood in terms of laws and rights and what not, so he asks me to hang on the phone whilst he fetched my manager from wherever he was at that time. A few minutes later he returned to the phone call to inform me my manager said I must serve the lady as it is her own personal choice, as there are no laws against drinking when pregnant there is nothing I can do as a barmaid to refuse service, and as a barmaid my duty is to serve the customer as normal.

At this point my blood was boiling, this is not right. I should not have to go against everything I believe in and serve this disgusting woman, sitting getting absolutely smashed whilst walking around with a massive baby bump. Some people  (including myself) would do anything to have a child of their own, and this woman is LEGALLY putting her child's life at risk, and as a barmaid I am required to continue to serve her alcohol and play a part in this? This is not OK! I should not have to do this at all, and even if the law requires she can legally drink alcohol during her pregnancy the licensing laws should at LEAST allow the barmaid or barman to make their own choice and serve or refuse a heavily pregnant lady at their own discretion.

I completely understand one small glass of wine is considered safe and acceptable in pregnancy, and I do not judge those staying within the recommended guidelines even though I wouldn't do it myself, but I think my argument is perfectly justified with regards to my role as a barmaid. Why must I play a part in potentially harming this child?

I am about to seriously look into starting a petition to change these rules and regulations surrounding serving heavily pregnant woman in bars, however I'm not sure I have big enough revenue to get the signatures I need, so I am unsure how to proceed from here.

I guess I can only try.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Hair colour remover and lightening products Review

I've been colouring my hair for as long as I can remember, I'm a natural red head and always hated my natural colour, so when I was around 10 years old my mum let me dye my hair, before starting high school. I'd say I'm pretty experienced in the hair-colouring department, since I've got 7+ years experience and had just about every colour of hair you can ever imagine, and since my roots come in so fast I need to re-do my hair every 3/4 weeks. 

Below I have reviewed some hair lightening products I've used recently on myself and my partners hair - I'm so grateful he lets me experiment on him. Feel free to add your own opinions and worst or favourite products in the comment box below.

Pictured above: My recent hair product purchases costing £61 all together.

1. My favourite colour stripper

I will start by saying I've used Jobaz hair colour remover, and Colour b4 hair colour remover, and at £6.99 each they don't do as good a job as my now go-to hair colour stripper which is called Provoke hair colour remover and only cost me £2.99 from Savers store (pictured below).
The first picture below was my hair colour before using the above product, and the second picture was my hair colour after stripping my hair once using provoke hair colour remover. Also bare in mind my hair will always strip to red as it is my natural colour, you cannot achieve a lighter colour than your natural using hair colour remover products.

2. Bblonde Lightening Kit

I am a huge fan of the Jerome Russel Bblonde lightening kit.  I always use the maximum lift (12% vol 40) but you must be very careful using such a high lift as it can be seriously damaging to the scalp and hair, I would recommend seeking professional advice before using. This kit provides everything you need (mixing tub, brush, cap, powder and peroxide) to lighten your hair. Product pictured below. I paid £3.99 from Superdrug.

I used this product kit on my partners hair last week, I mixed the product in the bowl as instructed and pasted it onto his brown hair, the pictures below are after 30 minutes developing time.

Maximum product lifting time states 90 minutes, and because at this point I was trying to achieve grey, you must first manage to get your hair white before you can achieve grey, therefore I left the bleach/peroxide on for 90 minutes. As mentioned before you must be very careful when using this percentage of peroxide, my partner had virgin hair so it was safe for me to do this.

After 90 minutes we headed to the bathroom and washed his hair, I was sure to use good conditioner and ensure his hair remained nice and soft. After towel drying his hair the results were as pictured below.

As you can see we got amazing results. However I did have to tone slight yellow tones out of his hair.  I did this using SHADES London toner which was very cheap from savers. 

 Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture, however I would continue to use this toner.  We only had to leave it on for 5 minutes, as with toners you must be very careful, the product pastes on to your hair blue so it can risk staining your hair blue/purple if left on too long. I would recommend this product, and I have purchased some more for myself when I attempt the grey look!

for my next post - which will be a review on :